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Our Story

Joel Amburgy: CEO / Co-founder

I was first introduced to PC gaming when I was around 14 years old and my older brother started buying the parts to build his first PC. Some of my fondest childhood memories are from the times that I pulled up a chair behind him to watch him play Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft for hours. A few years later, I decided to make the switch from Xbox to PC and traded a pair of sub-woofers for an AMD FX-4300 CPU and a gtx 560ti GPU. I remember how nerve wracking that first PC build was. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it if it weren't for the guidance of my older brother. Now, over ten years (and many PC builds later) we started PC Crate to try and be that older brother for anyone else in the same boat that I was.

Jordyn Holt: COO / Co-Founder

Every start-up needs someone with an MBA, right guys? Elon Musk disagrees, but I am getting one anyways. I am currently a student at Georgia Tech, but before going back to school, I worked in HR in the education sector for 6+ years. Back in 2015, I found myself doing some soul searching that led me to PC building and it changed my life. The best PC game is Stardew Valley! 10/10 would recommend and no, we aren't sponsored... yet...

Ryan Amburgy: CTO / Co-Founder

I have 12 years in the IT industry. My professional career started in general IT Consulting and I now specialize in ISP Internet Service Provider network engineering. I started with building for first PC in high school so I could play Final Fantasy 11. In my free time, my girlfriend and I take our dogs Austin, a big emotional mutt, and Barney, a Boston terrier mix who is afraid of everything, on long hikes in the Southern California Mountains.

David Goins: CAO / Co-Founder:

I have 5 years experience in education and am currently an English Language Arts Special Education teacher at a local Atlanta high school. I built my first PC back in 2015 before moving from Atlanta so I could play Left For Dead with Ryan, our CTO, and Joel, our CEO. I enjoy reading historical nonfiction and climbing boulders at Boat Rock in Atlanta, though I spend most my time falling.