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Building a PC from scratch can be an intimidating process. We don't think it needs to be. Our goal at PC Crate is to lower the barrier of entry for building a PC so that any person, from any background can feel confident enough to do it themselves. Whether you're a grandma, or a gamer, if you want to experience the satisfaction that comes with building your own PC, we are here to help.


At PC Crate, we make sure every decision is aligned with our core values:

Accessibility: We aim to help each and every person step into the vast and beautiful world of PC construction without any prior tech knowledge through our easy to follow instructions and expert support staff on standby to help you every step of the way, should you need it.

Inclusivity: We know the world of PCs can be intimidating (forreal!). However, we want to decrease that feeling of intimidation or lack-of-know-how.

Independence: You cannot rely on pre-builds forever! Get in there and build it yourself. We want you to feel confident and empowered, owning your PC experience completely. We believe the feeling of confidence and fulfillment that comes with doing something yourself is so important in so many ways.

Opportunity: Each day the world advances in the realm of technology and PC Crate wants to give those interested in technology a way to keep up. Through our you-centered focus, and empowering you to build your PC, the opportunities begin to become boundless as to what you can do. The door has been opened, take your PC and walk through!