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Mix and match all of the parts for your crate without having to worry about compatibility! 

Chat with us on Discord if you need any recommendations!

Inside the crate:

  • PC Parts: includes all of the parts you've selected
  • Instructions: The PC Crate "Field Manual" is a hand tailored digital instruction manual that will guide you through every step of your build. It includes videos to go along with the written steps!
  • Tools: all tools required are included
  • Build Day and Beyond Support: Build day chat, phone, video support with a PC building specialist, included
  • Warranty2 year parts, included.

Manufacturers represented in the pictures may not match the manufacturers in each crate.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Charlie Kimple
Great place to build your first pc

This was my first build got all the help I needed from there support services great people highly recommended.

Shayne G
Super simplified

Pc Crate made the process of getting the parts for and making a computer super easy and accessible. Not having done this before, reading all the articles and watching all the videos online made it very confusing. But being able to order everything all at once, knowing all the parts will work together was amazing. And it was really satisfying opening the box when it arrived and seeing all the parts together. And the included smaller pieces like thermal paste and a screwdriver was nice. Would recommend for another first time builder.

WOW. Thank you! Nothing makes us happier than hearing success stories from our customers. We're so glad you had a great experience.

Keep an eye on your mailbox! We're gonna be sending a little thank you your way for taking the time to leave us a review.

Happy gaming! May your framerates be ever high and your temps always stay low!

Doug P
Great Product, Great Support

When it comes to PC building, PCCrate talkes the guesswork and aggravation out, but keeps all the fun in!

From start to finish, my son and I had a great time selecting the parts and building our PC together.
We had 2 issues during th build process, but when the Internet didn't help, Jordan and Joel at PCCrate did! Their responsiveness and thorough explanations really made the build experience much more comfortable.

I'd definitely recommend PCCrate for anyone who isn't 100% comfortable knowing what parts are compatible with each other.

Josh I.
Awesome, Fairly Priced Product and Fun to Build!

I bought this computer to get into building PCs and to play games like MS Flight Sim and Forza 5 and it has met all my needs thus far. The customer service was great for helping me to decide the hardware I needed for my intended uses and they did not try selling me any hardware I didn't need. The build process was fairly smooth with the help of some Youtube, however the PCCrate Discord was a huge confidence booster when I wasn't sure if I had done things right. Overall I am very happy with the build and am excited to learn more about PC optimization.

Exemplary Customer Service

I purchased a computer for me and my son to build together like I did when I was his age. Well you know mistakes happen and my son bent the pins on the processor so the computer wouldn’t power on. After reaching out for help from the guys at Buildpccrate, they got us a new processor immediately with no hesitation. They were very responsive to emails. They even responded to emails late in the night answering questions. They made sure we were up and running and reassured us that if we needed ANYTHING that they would be willing to help or point us in the right direction! These guys are A1 in my book and the computer is running top notch!! We will be buying again! Thanks to all the people at Buildpccrate for the excellent customer service!