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Our B.Y.O.C. allows you to mix and match all of the parts for your crate. Piece together the perfect PC to fit your needs without having to worry about compatibility. 

Send us a chat if you want any recommendations or have questions!

Inside the crate:

  • PC Parts: includes all of the parts you've selected above.
  • Instructions: The PC Crate "Field Manual" is a hand tailored digital instruction manual that will guide you through every step of your build. It includes videos to go along with the written steps!
  • Tools: all tools needed for the build and cable management.
  • Build Day and Beyond Support: Build day chat, phone, video support with a PC building specialist, included.
  • Warranty2 year parts, included.

Manufacturers represented in the pictures may not match the manufacturers in each crate.

Build Your Own Crate


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